Preschool/Afterschool Dance Programs

Dance program for preschool/Afterschool is a 45 minutes - 1 hour session per week which helps children learn the basic of dance while engaging in hands-on movement activities essential for the proper development and social skills. This program focuses on dance movement, hand-eye coordination, stretching, counting and rhythm.

The music and dance moves are age appropriate and will keep the students moving and excited to come to class. Enhance your during, before and after school program with Bollywood Dance Connection by choosing the program that is right for your students.

If you are planning to put Summer camp in your daycare or preschool or school during the month of June, July and August, BDC can provide summer dance classes to keep the kids engaged and in the fun learning mode. No dance experience is necessary; by the end of the week, the child will be dancing! At the end of the session, campers will participate in a recital so that parents can see what their children learned during the week.